VLMedia has been giving big emotions to Finnish people - sound, film and good mood for over 30 years! Company is one of the biggest Finnish based operators in movie distribution and gift card business.

The world is digitalizing rapidly, and therefore VLMedia has moved from traditional DVDs and Blu-rays more towards Video on Demand-distribution. The company distributes today digital content not only to domestic, but more and more to the foreign markets.

VLMedia has also expanded its branch drastically towards gift card market and offers now very modern gift card concept to retailers. The selection of gift cards in the concept is very wide and includes all the biggest international brands, such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Google Play, Apple, Netflix, Paysafecard and Zalando. The company has also locally produced services category named as Gift4You. The network of service providers is constantly being expanded, and one can find for example the following Gift4You cards from the product family: SuperPark (indoor activity park), Makuelämys (cafeteria card), Huonepakopeli (escape room card), Toiminta ja seikkailu (action and adventures) Kauneus ja hyvinvointi (beauty and well-being), Kylpyläelämys (spa card) and Deluxe illallinen (restaurant card).

VLMedia is continuously developing its operations and searches for new partners and channels. Our in-house-logistics ensure up-to-date deliveries everywhere. It doesn't matter what your product is - CD, DVD, Blu-ray, gift card, digital material or even a plastic bucket - VLMedia has the resources to sell, market and distribute your goods.

Are you interested in collaboration? With gift card related operations, please send an email to info(a)gift4you.fi. All other matters, please send an email to info(a)vlmedia.fi. 

Remember also check out our webstores:
www.vlmediashop.fi & www.gift4you.fi