VLMedia Ltd is a Finnish based entertainment company which was founded in 1993. The company's main business sectors are domestic & international music, feature films and gift cards.

This company started operating as an indie record label. VLMedia has now worked in the Finnish music business over two decades and has sold over 12 million records (LP, CD, Digital Downloads etc.) for the Finnish households. VLMedia has a global digital music distribution network, which covers all major digital music outlets in the world. In addition, the company acts as a music publisher and producer.

In 2006 VLMedia started the film distribution for the retail trade. The company has grown steadily and in the early 2015 reached market leadership among Finnish owned players. YLE, MTV3 and the other major production companies belong to the partner network in Finland.

Company started theatrical and Video on Demand distribution in 2013.

The latest addition in the company's business portfolio was launched in 2014, when the modern gift card service & product concept were launched for the retail trade. The selection consists of international well-known brands, such as iTunes, Spotify, Ticketmaster and Zalando. Additionally, there is a great selection of domestic Gift4You adventure and experience gifts cards.

Company strategy takes into account the opportunities provided from digitalization and digital markets. VLMedia has a strong know how in multi-channel business and is one of the pioneers in that area in Finland. Moreover, it plays an active role in developing strategic alliances with domestic and foreign companies in order to strengthen their position in the market.

VLMedia logistics center is located in Nummela, which is approximately 40 km from Helsinki to the west. In 2016 the company's net sales exceeded EUR 3.3 million and it employed 8 people. This company and its business is growing strongly.

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